Good day friends.

For the past two weeks, we have been talking about the Principles of Design.

There are many writers who have established various principles; however we have discussed six, namely balance, hierarchy, contrast, repetition, alignment and space.

Each one of these principles is important to the design, regardless of what order they are in. A design is not done in vacuum and so all these principles should be assessed and the best ones combined for a complete and whole design.

A designer-whether you are beginner or someone who has been doing this for a while- should note that a design is not for you alone. The purpose of the design is to impact a wider audience and coerce the individual to clink on your link, to purchase a product or buy into your service. A design should be used to reel, a potential customer in.

If the design for your product is not the best, you risk losing a potential client.

I would like to note that as humans, we sometimes focus on the money which may or may not cause us to lose quality in the design. However; we should live by this motto: “quality over quantity because quality equals quantity.”

What I am saying is, do not rush your work because you have plenty orders coming in and risk losing your current client and other potential clients.

Instead focus on one client and so your best and then focus on another. You will find out that even if clients approach you and your hands are full, if they want quality and they know you are quality, they will wait.

I know you will say that this is modern times and people will find someone else but buyers love quality. If they know you can do the work, they will wait.

For the beginners, take time and perfect your craft because that sweet taste of victory to a client’s nod of approval is everything.

Next week, we talk about another aspect of design. Until then, bye.

Alicia Barrett